Video Migration

Automated migration of 20,000 video files with over 6,000 hours of video content from one SaaS platform to another.


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Thanks to automation and system checks all 20,000+ videos were transferred without any data loss

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With automation, we seamlessly reran migrations at no extra cost, adapting to new, evolving requirements.

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While videos are data-intensive and the deadline was tight, our automations scaled efficiently and processed in parallel




Qumu is a world leader in Enterprise Video as a Service. With hundreds of customers on the Global 2000 best companies list Qumu is in the center of the video inflection point that is happening at this point in our history. Whether the needs are for video on-prem, hybrid or cloud Qumu has a ready solution for How Business does Video.


One of Qumu’s esteemed clients was transitioning from an On-Premise Video Management system to a state-of-the-art SaaS Video Management Platform hosted in the cloud. Initiated in October, the project demanded the seamless migration of over 6,000 hours of video content, encapsulating the client’s vast enterprise knowledgebase, to be fully operational on the new platform by New Year’s Eve. Such a tight turnaround required not just human dedication but a force of superhuman velocity: enter automata.


The Mangonel AUTOMATA team collaborated closely with the client to develop a software solution that empowered system engineers to meticulously migrate and verify over 20,000 video files. This solution also accounted for multiple renditions of each video, associated metadata, and thumbnails.

Initially, the system aggregated all videos and their accompanying content onto a central server in structured batches. Engineers, through a user-friendly interface, then established a comprehensive set of mapping rules detailing how videos and their metadata should be transferred to the new SaaS system.

Harnessing the power of parallel processing, these videos were simultaneously ingested into the new platform, adhering to the specifications set out in the rule engine UI. After the migration, a comprehensive report was generated, detailing every action undertaken, and facilitating an easy audit to ensure no video was missing or corrupted during the transfer.

An unexpected but valuable feature of the system was its ability to detect corrupted video files. This not only ensured the integrity of the migration but also provided the client with insights to make informed decisions about those files.


  • Migration Deadline Challenge: Initiated in October, a project demanded the migration of over 6,000 hours of video content to be fully operational on a new platform by New Year’s Eve.
  • Mangonel’s Involvement: Collaborated to develop a software solution, enabling the migration and verification of over 20,000 video files, inclusive of multiple renditions, metadata, and thumbnails.
  • Structured Migration Approach: Videos and content aggregated onto a central server in batches, with engineers setting up comprehensive mapping rules for transfer.
  • Efficient Parallel Processing: Utilized parallel processing for simultaneous video ingestion into the new platform, followed by a detailed post-migration report.
  • Corrupted Video Detection: The system’s capability to identify corrupted video files ensured migration integrity and offered valuable insights to the client.


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